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Technical Analysis
software and data

MetaStock has provided self-directed traders with award-winning charting and analysis tools for over three decades. Their market data line and trading software are specifically engineered to enable proficient traders of all skill levels to confidently backtest, scan, and analyze the markets in 2024 by leveraging technical analysis.

The outcome is reliable purchase and sell signals. MetaStock offers day traders, swing traders, and EOD traders a variety of trading options, including stocks, options, futures, and FOREX. We are certain that you will concur that MetaStock is the best charting software that is accessible to private traders.

MetaStock Real Time

MetaStock Real Time

The Readers of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine have ranked MetaStock as the best technical analysis software in its price category for the past 23 years.
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MetaStock Addons


Improve upon the advanced analysis power of MetaStock with incredible Add-Ons provideing additional functionality.
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MetaStock Daily Charts

MetaStock Daily Charts

MetaStock Daily Charts offers a suite of ready-to-use trading solutions that are both dependable and user-friendly. You can also tailor these solutions to match your unique trading approach.
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MetaStock Data


For Retail Traders Real-Time Data, XENITH is used, and Daily Charts use DataLink end-of-day data.
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What Are The Experts Saying About Metastock?



What MetaStock is to Me

Steve K.

MetaStock is what I dreamed about in the 70's..


Intelligent Software

Dr. Trieber

"It's the most intelligent piece of software I have ever used."


Technical Support

Michale John (CEO & Founder)

"I was completely blown away."


Amit Singh

"In today's fast-paced world, where excellent customer service is a rarity, it was truly refreshing to experience the level of professionalism, dedication, and expertise that your team consistently demonstrated throughout my interactions. From my initial inquiry to the resolution of my issues, I was consistently impressed with the quality of service I received."


Nicholas Ramirez

"I just want to say thank you for a very enjoyable and educational seminar. I honestly wish it could have been longer. I now realize how much I have underutilized Metastock in the past. Now I feel a lot more optimistic and confident about taking my trading to the next level using Metastock. I wish you and Metastock continued and greatly deserved success."


Bob Frassanito

"Using technical analysis has let me become a much more sophisticated trader. Indicators, and especially being able to program patterns in conjunction with indicators, have given me much better entry and exit points. Combinations of indicators and custom programming help me make better selections on the stocks I will buy, and help me determine when to buy."

Active trader or just learning? MetaStock Real Time helps you succeed

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